Things are starting to grow now, and gain momentum I would like to branch out and expand into the realms of empowering women, especially those from backgrounds of being abused by family members or partners, no matter what cultural background they are from. To stand a chance of being successful, this will need a massive cash injection to start, and the more we get the more we can give and help the people that need our support. If it's in your heart to help even if you only wish to donate $1 or £1 or anything greater, rest assured every possible penny will be directed to giving support. Thank you.

​​​I will find true answers for you. I am not a Doctor nor a Psychiatrist, just a Pioneering "Average Joe." The enigma of the mind is a walk in the park for me. I have an uncanny gift, and am able to work out your problems in the blink of an eye, and give you the solutions you have spent your lifetime looking for. The people I have helped, have a job putting into words their thanks for the positivity they now have in their lives. You too can have the same, just push past that barrier, just this once! Good luck!