5. Miss N. Carolina. I was in a bad place with a drunk husband and I had my child and brother to take care of, when I decided I wanted out, but I had no help from anyone when My dear friend Paul was there to help my Child my Brother and Myself get out. When I feel down or bad, Paul is the one who helps me stand strong he is truly a god send, helping others, and He don't ask for anything in return other than to keep on bettering your life. God bless You Paul for all the people you help including me and my family.

6. Miss Dark Secret. I started to think there was no light at the end of the tunnel until the day I spoke to Paul. He has taught me how to find happiness within while I was too busy chasing rainbows and thinking that people could give me that happiness. He has taught me how to take control of my thoughts and how to deal with my anxiety and depression. The best decision I made in my life! He has truly opened my eyes and I am starting to find my true self. I have gained so much confidence and have made many positive changes in my life, that I never imagined I would do. I can’t thank him enough.

4. Mrs South East. It’s easy to blame everyone else for your shortfalls. In a relationship it’s easy to think that it’s the other person who is responsible for all the bad stuff. I have found out by talking to, and knowing Paul that a lot of the insecurities and issues were my own and it took me time and talking things through with Paul to realise that to have a happy relationship in whatever way then you need to look at what you do too.

Its only now having come out the other side of a relationship that I realise the perception I had (and still have from time to time) only took into account my feelings and not the other persons. Until you are ready to listen to others then you will never really understand how your actions make them feel.

I’m not perfect, very few of us are but one thing Paul has made me realise is to listen to what others tell you rather than assume you are always right.

I still do jump in before thinking but hopefully in time this will get better. Thanks Paul (AKA ProSo).

3. Mr Orkney. ​A refreshing, honest approach giving you another view point of your self and the world you live in. If you want to understand your life better and live happier with a proper direction and understanding of who you truly are speak to Paul (AKA ProSo).

My life has had a full review and so many past things have been put to bed - I would shy away from this normally but from the other side it was worth the pain!

1. The other day I was walking down a back street in central London, when a young homeless man, that was having a run of bad luck of late, came up to me and told me of his plight. I could see he was very anxious and said, "Lets sit down for a bit." I advised him to take a deep breath and calm down, then I just listened for a while, and let him ease his burden of life. I gave him a few answers which he took solace in. The fact that I listened or cared enough to do so, overwhelmed him to a point where he cried, making me cry too, an amazing shared moment. I saw that this young man, although he had made mistakes, had a good pure heart. So I gave him £50 and pleaded that he put some food in his belly. He left with a feeling of elation and happiness. As I walked away I had an amazing sense of well being, and a warm feeling in my heart. Although part of me wished I could have given him food and shelter to help him get back on his feet, as I believed he wouldn't of needed much.

2. Assisted a woman with an infant to escape from a violent abusive partner, and help re-home them. Now both are starting to gain some self-worth and happiness.

Help Given

​Just The Touching Ones
There has been many but these ones really invoke an emotion to me​